Nicholas, Nathan, and Zachary

The Founding members of UBP

we believe in creating meaningful and thought-provoking films by combining many different artistic platforms.

who we are

Upset Bunny Productions was founded after three young artists graduated from university, looked to the future and audibly exclaimed (in a slightly nervous, yet excited tone) "Uh oh, whadda we do now?". The idea of creating a film company started to form when the trio moved to Chicago together to pursue artistic endeavors, but didn't come to reality until 2016, when the trio moved to New York City.

In 1969, Francis Ford Coppola founded one of Upset Bunny's biggest influences, The American Zoetrope. He collected other like-minded filmmakers with the goal of creating a theatre-like company of film professionals who could all work together in multiple roles, bringing a family atmosphere to every project. Forty-Five years later, UBP wants to build this company around Coppola's idea.

Upset Bunny has combined film and theatre professionals to independently produce artistic works for both the film and the stage. As producers, we strive to make low budget, mass market, independent features that entertain and challenge our audience, while keeping the creative control in the hands of our artists. As artists, we continue to foster young, independent talent by bringing them into our creative family and encouraging storytelling that will enrich lives for years to come.

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