Zachary D'Antonio

Nathan REESE Edmondson 

Zachary D'Antonio was born and raised outside of Atlanta. After graduating from Point Park University, he moved to Chicago where he was a director, writer, and producer of theatrical touring productions throughout the North Shore. A student of film and theatre, he has worked regionally as a director, choreographer, and actor. Currently living in Brooklyn NY, Zachary is extremely excited to direct his first full-length feature film having penned several others and a collection of shorts. When not writing screenplays, he is active in animal rescue groups, carpentry, and ever furthering his cinematic education. 

Nicholas J. Direso

Nathan was born in Los Angeles and has been a performer since a very early age when his parents signed him up for violin lessons. Since his younger years, he has cultivated a passion for language, acting, film, and theatre. He graduated with an AA in Theatre from The Gainesville Theatre Alliance, a BA from the University of Georgia, and an MFA in Acting Performance from the prestigious Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University. He has worked professionally as an actor in cities such as Chicago, New York, and London where he spent nearly a year in residency at Shakespeare's Globe. He now lives in New York City and is represented by Craig Holzberg at AVALON Artists Group. 

Joe Mancini is a musician, actor, and writer from the suburbs of Philadelphia. He was a singer in multiple bands in the Philadelphia area until completing his education at Temple University. Since then, he has moved to New York is employed as a Production Associate at ABC News. He has experience shooting for television and directing/shooting music videos. He is excited to dedicate his skills to UBP's upcoming feature film, "To Us". 

Patrick Linberg - Director of Photography


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Nick has been a storyteller for his entire life; be it through film, theatre, writing, stand-up, or improv. He has a BA in Theatre from Point Park University with a concentration in acting. He spent several years as the Co-Creative Director of Improv Playhouse in Libertyville, Illinois. He studied improv at the world-renowned iO Theatre in Chicago. He has appeared in over 30 short films over the years, along with helping behind the camera on countless others. In 2016, he moved to New York City to co-found Upset Bunny Productions and looks forward to collaborating with other storytellers to create films that can withstand the test of time. 

Patrick is an independent filmmaker currently living in Brooklyn, NY. As an aspiring young director, writer, and cinematographer for eight years, he has given himself the experience and knowledge of what it takes to be a successful storyteller. With a strong vision and eye for bringing a story to life, Patrick has used his skills to helm multiple productions in narrative, documentary, and music video. He has written and directed two of his own short films and plans to direct his own feature film in 2019. “To Us” will be the 3rd feature film that Patrick has had the opportunity to be the director of photography.

Joe Mancini - Assistant Director

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